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article on creative non-fiction in Brevity’s blog

I am working on a memoir, have been for a while although it is continually renewing itself so it feels over and over like I’m just starting. Thinking a lot about the process of writing any kind of prose, but in particular memoir. It is a common misconception that it is harder to write fiction than creative non-fiction, because in non-fiction you are just writing what happened. That’s the rub, what did happen? In fiction you get to decide that as you go along. In non-fiction you are a slave to truth, and facts and truth are often at odds.

Check out the article on Brevity.

Thanks to Anti-Heroin Chic for reprintingWhat the End is Forin their hot-off-the-press Grief and Loss issue.

Brickhouse Books hosts a Wicked Woman poetry prize and this year the judge Rose Solari judged my manuscript Blue Like Apples a “close second” to the winner. I thank Rose and the Brickhouse editors for the kudos and good advice as that book keep evolving.

My poemFollowingfound a home in this book. Road trips were a prime element of my childhood featuring summer treks between Tennessee, New York, Wisconsin and Florida. I haven’t written much about them, but when I saw the call for this anthology I gave it a shot and the poem found a home. The anthology is out now from Foothills Press. Get your copy here!

My essay “Urdu, My Love Song” appeared in Waking Up American: Coming of Age Biculturally (2005) from Seal Press. The essay was many years in the making. I had been exploring themes of home, belonging, identity in poems, but in the end creative non-fiction was the only genre that let me fully explore my mixed feelings about my father’s Indian background, his exotic ‘otherness’ clashing with the homegrown southern culture we lived in.

Sage Cigarettes is a theme based zine that pays for poems! It defines itself as “raw lit for the raw soul”. Two of my poems are in the Southern theme issue. Click, then scroll down to pages 12 and 13.