Writing for the necessity of joy and the joy of necessity...

R a s m a   H a i d r i


Rasma Says

Rasma Says contains personal essays, vignettes, ruminations. In the days before blogging I dreamed of being a columnist. I was fortunate enough to be a columnist for a Norwegian newspaper for a few years and Rasma Says contains some of those columns as well as blog posts.

Whole in the Head

Whole in the Headis unedited spontaneously written poems of the sort only blogging can produce, i.e. they have not known the touch of paper and ink. They are what they are, newly hatched and presented in their altogether. Sometimes writing poems makes one a mite precious about poetry, and Whole in the Head is my self-imposed antidote to that.

I started writing on Medium as a way to force myself into new material. Funny how each blog with its unique interface provokes its own expression. I wonder, sometimes, if I should consolidate. Then I think, nah. I use enough time on the logistics of these media as is. I consolidate them here. Four different blogs, with some crossover and some individuality.


FotoPoetryis photojournalism/photopoetry (Instagram @rasmahaidri), my least trained and accomplished art, but something I love to do.