American Fair | R a s m a H a i d r i | Rasma Haidri

American Fair

The girl with no hands

has friends to hold

the cigarette to her mouth

It takes two to play a winner every time

Tank-topped hair-cropped

steel-eyed woman slings

blow-up purple AK47

He’s done it again he’s up there he’s got a prize

Man eats corn dog

T-shirt tells wife: I Can Hear You

Better With a Beer in My Hand

Baby bottle drinking contest sign up

All American Persian Fried

Falafal Dough Platter 100% Canola

You Want Ranch With That?

Look at the bounce on that skillet, come on Mable

Armed cop on midway

pink-handled scissors

holstered in pant leg pocket

Chainsaw carving fun for all ages

Welcome PFC Andrew

Parker Call Hillside

Trash 888-–7567 God Bless U

Yup, he had curly black hair but we ate ’im

I went to school with

Marge I’m Carlyle my

mother was Aileen

Stop asking me who your father was it was fair week

Pink tanktop trails

pink flipflops, blue lights

flash over the grassy lot

You must be thirty-six inches or accompanied by adult

published in The Minnesota Review, 2017