Writing for the necessity of joy and the joy of necessity...

R a s m a   H a i d r i

Ocean Writing

a six-week immersion in creative & 

meditative writing

autumn 2022 

on Zoom 

dates to be announced

cost $300 (limited enrollment)


What’s the buzz, tell me what’s been happening…

Ocean Writing combines guided meditation with free writing to deeply access the boundless inner room of your creative power.  Your ocean writing will be an intuitive, spiritual exploration of whatever you and your art need to release limitations and create fresh, original, writing in the unique voice of your interior ocean.

In each three-hour session we explore a new Principle of Ocean, meditate, and write in a safe and supportive space following the  Amherst Writers & Artist’s protocol. Prior experience with AWA, meditation, or writing is not necessary. 

WELCOME TO OCEAN… a place to nourish and invigorate 

your writing and yourself