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New Blog Post: Dagen derpå - The Day After 

I was in Prague when the massacre happened in LA, 2017. The massacre - which massacre? you might wonder - they are becoming so commonplace. The last time I lived in the mainland USA, around 1998, people didn’t walk around armed. Columbine was an anomoly that should never have happened and would never again happen - we were sure. How naive we were, how hopeful. The only global fear was that computers would whack out at Y2K. And for that we had backup: we didn’t really need them. I live in a place where the police still don’t carry guns. Some people think they should. Most people think society is a scarier place if anyone, even the police, are armed. It might change. Norway is changing. Soon there will be permanent bases of American soldiers on Norwegian territory. And we’ve already had our Anders Bering Breivik.