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Call for poems about NELSON MANDELA!

I want to spread the news about an anthology of poems about Nelson Mandela. I have a poem in it, and there is room for more. The publishers have not set a date for publication yet, as they want more poems

I recently did a lot of research on South Africa in conjunction with a textbook I was working on. I must say that my admiration for Nelson Mandela just keeps soaring. Maybe you already knew about how he used the 1995 Rubgy World Cup to unite South Africa and avoid civil war. I didn’t before I came across The 16th Man  a fantastic ESPN documentary made way before Hollywood invented Invictus. 

I highly recommend the documentary. You don’t have to care about rugby or world cups to understand what Mandela meant when he said sports had more power than governments to change the world. 

Hey, someone should write a poem about that! Here’s the info for the anthology. Please spread the word!