Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge | R a s m a H a i d r i | Rasma Haidri

Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge

This is another of Grayson Books’ fine anthologies, edited by Ginny Lowe Connors. I usually give Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge (2003) as a wedding gift, because there is something here for everyone. Like in all of Connors’ anthologies, she goes in depth with the theme, dividing the book into sections that explore nuances and facets of the theme. Here the subtitles read like a timeline of a relationship: Beginnings, Ourselves and Others, Together, Apart, Endings, The Shape of a Marriage, Looking Back. 

From the publisher:

In this inspiring collection of poetry, more than 100 contemporary American poets write about marriage. In PROPOSING ON THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE, the reader will discover poems for weddings and anniversaries, along with reflections on nearly every aspect of married life. Like Connors' earlier anthology, ESSENTIAL LOVE, this book gives an in-depth look at a topic of nearly universal interest.

Editorial Reviews Midwest Book Review
"an impressive compendium of verse by more than 100 American poets in celebration of marriage...Highly recommended"

Fearless Reviews
"seems like an idea whose time is due: a book of poems about marriage...dense with layers of feeling"

ForeWord Magazine, March, 2003
"vivid, accessible and intensely-felt work...a generous portion of both the awe and bewilderment that comprise love"