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Grrrrrr: Poems about Bears

This was my first theme-based anthology publication. The poem, entitled not very originally “Bears” first appeared in Mothering Magazine in 1992. It was about my daughter at age 3-4 who had equal fondness for The three Bears fairytale and A. A. Milne’s “Lines and Squares”. She wove them into her own mythology called “Bear World”. I used that originally as the title, but thought that took the perspective away from the mother-daughter being bears in whatever world. Besides, Adrienne Rich’s poem in the anthology is also called “Bears” and if it is good enough for her, well, no more need be said. 

From the publisher:

GRRRRR, A Collection of Poems About Bears, edited by CB Follett. Including poems by: Galway Kinnell, Gary Snyder, Adrienne Rich, Maxine Kumin, Ursula Le Guin, Mary Oliver, Jim Harrison, A. A. Milne, Hayden Carruth, and Billy Collins.

The illustrated book is divided into seven sections: Nature, Dreams, Persona, Myth, Misc. (zoo, circus, carved etc.), Encounter, and Endangered.


...beautifully and professionally done... an inspirational, worthwhile, timeless publication, bearing the message of life and telling you everything you ever wanted to know about bears.
-Canoga Park, CA