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Essential Love

Grayson Books has published many fine thematic anthologies. Essential Love: poems about mothers and fathers, daughters and sons (2000) contains two of my poems. “Heirloom” and “Letter to a Young Child” are both about leaving something behind for your children to remember you by. In the first one, it is my four-year-old daughter herself who decides what that object will be. In “Letter to a Young Child” it is my father who leaves behind postcards he thought he would write one a day of for his child’s entire life… what he ended up leaving behind was the legacy of being a writer. “Letter to a Young Child” first appeared in Passages North (Northern Michigan University, 1998) and won honorable mention in the Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize. 

From the publisher:

Approximately 150 contemporary American poets explore many facets of the relationship between parents and their children in this moving collection. These poems by prominent poets such as Donald Hall, Robert Hass, Maxine Kumin, Galway Kinnell and Sharon Olds, as well as by a number of emerging poets, show the joys, the griefs, the milestones and the mysteries that arise between parents and their children as they travel through life inescapably bound by an essential love.